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NFWI News is moving to the homepage of My WI Website

Should you have any questions or queries then click here for a list of NFWI contacts.


As you know the NFWI have decided to phase out NFWI News in a newsletter format and make all content available on the homepage of My WI instead, under the existing news section. We hope that this will save content from being duplicated and will keep all information relevant and up to date.

This won’t be happening for a while yet and we will continue to run NFWI News in the same newsletter format for another 4 months, making July 2018 the last issue. We have already started uploading all the NFWI-News content onto My WI, so please use the next few months to familiarise yourself with the news section.


This competition was launched at the beginning of the year, and members appear to be taking up the challenge with great enthusiasm! Full details of the competition are available on the My WI Website.
NFWI has received some queries regarding the schedule and have produced this response to help clarify some queries from members.

1. I understand that we can only submit 12 photographs, but can 1 photo be made up by a collage of smaller images?
Yes, providing that the finished photo does not exceed the required size of 10” x 8”.

2. Can I add text to explain each photograph?
No, the only text that can be submitted is the required 100-word supporting paragraph.

3. I’m good at taking photographs, but not so clever at presenting them – do I have to do both?
No, the idea is that this challenge is a team effort so utilise your members skills and ask members to contribute with what they are best at doing.

4. My husband takes our photos at WI events, can we use these?
Sorry no, the photographs must be taken by a member of the WI. Images taken by external professionals are not permitted either.

5. There are only a couple of us within the WI that want to take part in the challenge, can we still enter?
Yes, providing the other members of your WI are happy for you to carry on – don’t forget to get their consent to being in your photos!

6. Do the 12 photographs have to be taken 1 per month?
No, the competition requires that 12 photographs are submitted; these can be taken throughout the year or any specific events – it is entirely up to you!

WFWI deadline for entries is 1 February 2019. Federations are able to submit their chosen (up to 3) entries for national judging by the 29 March 2019.


Does your garden have a story to tell? Here at WI Life we’d love to hear from you if you think your own garden or perhaps a community garden or a WI project or an allotment has an interesting story that members would like to hear. Please get in touch and email Charlotte at


The elected members of the NFWI Board of Trustees, who will take office in June 2017, are as follows:

Catriona Adams, Lincolnshire North
Mary Clarke, Gwent
Hilary Haworth, Buckinghamshire
Ann Jones, Ceredigion
Sally Kingman, Cambridge
Yvonne Price, West Sussex
Julia Roberts, Worcestershire
Jeryl Stone, Warwickshire
Lynne Stubbings, Warwickshire
Patricia Tulip, Northumberland
Amanda Willday, Powys Montgomery
Susan Wilson, Gloucestershire

For full details of Officers and Committee Chairmen for 2017-18 please download the letter from the General Secretary, Jana Osborne here.

Please see the NFWI board/ committee list for 2017/18 here. This list details the make-up of each committee, including Member Representatives.